Killer Tricks That Will Make You WIn Your NetEnt Slot The First Day

Most people will concur that winning a NetEnt slot is not a walk in the park. Even gambling experts' time lost a fortune when playing here. However, there are tricks to help you win any slot available on 1netentcasino .

Why Need a Strategy

Different NetEnt slots have different themes and gameplay. They require different styles to play. That is why you cannot master all NetEnt slots available on . However, there are some universal tricks you can employ and achieve positive results.

Those are old tricks that famous gamblers have been using to protect their stakes. If you use them today, you will improve your chances of winning. Your ourney to the top will also be short and less costly.

Understand The Theme Of The Game

Knowing the theme is the ultimate step. NetEnt designs their slots based on different famous myths, believes, and tales. You should master the theme used before playing. It will give you a clear picture of the slot.

Select Your Ideal Slot on Demo

Every NetEnt slot comes with a demo version that is similar in all aspects. The only difference is the use of virtual money on demo slots. Using a demo slot gives you a chance to slots without losing money.

  • Both Demo and Real money slot runs on the same server.
  • Demo version retains similar attributes to real slot.

Play on A Warm SLot

A slot is considered to be warm when its prize pool displays a positive balance. Such slots retain a lot of money from gamblers who played previously. It can fire you to great winnings if you play well.

High RTP is Essential

NetEnt slots differ in the percentage of RTP. Slots with a higher RTP have the potential to pay more than others. Such slots have an RTP of above 97.5%. Blood Suckers, Gonzo's Quest, and Devils Delight are some examples here.

Time To Try High Volatility Slots

Volatility is the measure of how hard it is to win a NetEnt slot. Most players prefer playing on low volatile slots. Well, it is good to play safe and protect your stake if you are reluctant to take risks.

  1. Most NetEnt slots have low to medium volatility.

However, if you wish to play and win mega-money, then it is inevitable to play on slots with high volatility. You will undergo long streaks without a single win. But, when you win, it will be a big win.

Waring Requirement is Vital

While playing, collecting bonuses is very sweet. However, some bonus policies can tarnish your smile. All bonuses have a wagering requirement (the number of times you play before with drawing). A good wagering requirement should be below 40x.

Play Legit

It is good to play on casino houses that are recommended by NetEnt. You can see the list of them on the main site. Such casinos are legitimate. They guarantee you that your money is safe with them.

Balance Has a Meaning

The amount of money in your balance determines your probability of winning. For example, when playing a high volatile slot, you need a balance of above 300 to cater for the money lost during the losing streak.

Know-How The Slot Classfies You

Depending on your style of play, the slot will place you in different player categories. Your player category will boost or lower the chances of winning. To be on the safer side, have high deposit but place small bets.

Understand the Slot Algorithm

The algorithm of the slot helps you to know all the loopholes that are available. You can utilize them and have an edge over other players. All you need is to have some basic programming skills.

Up to You

The above tricks are just the tip of the iceberg. However, they are the most common to all NetEnt slots. Some slots will have their specific tricks. However, they are all gearing towards helping you win NetEnt slots with ease.

It is upon you to choose the strategy that works well with you. But, remember the demo version is the best place to try all your strategy. There is no need to taste waters while there is an ideal option.